My boyfriend ordered flowers for me as a surprise and paid for Sunday delivery. I only found out on Monday afternoon about them as he was asking. I didn't receive them and we called and were told they would give a discount. We told them it wasn't acceptable, that we wanted the flowers delivered AND our money back. They called me (the recipient) and left a message apologizing and saying they would be delivered by Wednesday guaranteed between 9-7.

Today is Wednesday and we called this afternoon and were told that the florist was contacted and the arrangement was made and would definitely be delivered. Well, OF COURSE, around 6:30 we called and were told that they never gotten ahold the florist. Basically admitting they lied earlier. They even tried telling us that there was only one florist in the city. What the heck! Needless to say I am not going to be getting my flowers, and I was the one that recommended this company. NEVER AGAIN and I will be advising others not to either.

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