We bought a 2015 Mitsubishi Lancer and was talked into the extra warranty. After 4 months of dealing with this rude dealership we canceled the extra warranty which we paid $2000.00 for and now they are refusing to refund any money to us. We are now filing a claim with the attorney general and going to small claims court to get our money. Have called the warranty company and we were told we are to get back 96% of the 2000.00. DO NOT BUY FROM!!! I have also called Mitsubishi headquarters representative and waiting for their reply which from their first conversation will probably go nowhere. The manager Bill is a very nasty person and told us we are not getting our money. “Take us to court”. So we are.

UPDATED ON 11/12/2015: Just spoke to the warranty company about my refund. I paid $2000.00 for an extra warranty but the dealer only paid $462.00 to the warranty company. I was issued a check for $393.00 so where is the rest of my money. I cancelled it after 4 months just keep getting the run around from the dealership about the rest of my money. Do NOT GO THERE unless you like getting cheated…

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