I call 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty about my heater not working. They set up a appointment fast but here's the problem – they send a tech that show up in my house to check the furnace. He didn't have a tool with him. He was only 15 minutes in my house and guess that the stack switch was the problem. Right away asked me for 75 dollars and told me that he will request the home warranty for the part. Guess what they call me and told me it was not covered because was a flue venting problem. Really the stack switch is the main control of the furnace.

I called them then and told me that there is nothing they can do, that her best advice will be to call a contractor and pay them to fix it. I did bought a new stack switch and my furnace still not working. How they send a tech with no tools, spent 15 minutes in my house without checking anything and then tell me is not cover. I will be calling my lawyer because somebody needs to fix this problem and pay me the 350 dollars I paid to replaced a part that was not the problem when the tech never check anything else.

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