I've had a frustrating experience with 2-10 Home Buyers in the 3 1/2 months we've had it. I haven't had a good experience with them yet. Every time I submit something, I have to go through 5,000 people before someone will give me an update on any type of claim status. No one knows anything and no one can actually push something forward. I'm finding that all kinds of aspects of repairs aren't covered, but they won't cover the replacement of the item either. I have to bounce around between different levels of client support, it's ridiculous.

I can ask the same questions to 3 different people and I'll get 3 different answers which tells me that their training is terrible or the manual that they're reading from are just nonexistent. Every single contractor that they have sent to my home has had a terrible rating with the BBB and I have had to get my own contractors to come back and fix the work promptly. The last work that was done on my plumbing pipe didn't even pass an inspection. The parts that these people put into my home were not allowed so it wasn't up to code. The next time I have a failure, even though I have this warranty, I'm not calling 2-10 because it's useless. It costs me $75 and I just have to spend my own money to have someone come back and fix it.

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