The last time I submitted a claim was difficult. I had two plumbing issues and they had to make out two separate tickets and it was a long ordeal. Then the claims representative had to get her supervisor to approve something. It was like two plumbing issues being resolved by one person. Then when she tried to do it, she submitted the second ticket and it pulled up a different company so she had to override that.

The contractor they sent was another frustrating thing. They came out here and didn't fix it right away. They assessed it and then I had to make an appointment for another time for them to come back. It's a pain if I have to take off work. It took a while for them to repair it. The biggest thing is that I wrote the check out to the plumbing company and when I saw my bank statement, somebody changed the name and put their own personal name. It makes me wonder about the company. 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty accomplished what I needed but it took a little while.

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