I was sold 2 "lifetime" memberships in 2007 for $1000 for the first 3 years and then $29/year each every year thereafter. I was just assessed a 240% increase in dues for next year's membership. At the time of purchase I explicitly asked the salesperson and the management if the $29/year dues would ever increase and was emphatically told "never would the yearly fee increase, it's a lifetime membership".in addition to the increase I was told that a gym that I had visited on occasion was now not included in my membership because it had a new name and I had not logged in at this gym within 6 months. Nowhere in my contract does it specify this 6 month login clause. Singling out lifetime memberships for absurd % increases is unethical, unlawful, and bad business practices.

In addition, when I asked for a copy of their contact on file at the gym they said they'd email it – it never came. I visited again and asked again for it – they said they emailed it right then; I stayed and waited. When it never showed on my phone the manager came and he said he could only pull up a summary because it was too old. I asked for an accounting of payments. He gave me the current year's payment. I've only ever had one membership with this company for me and my son, yet on the receipt it shows "expired" item fraudulently added to my account. I paid the increased next term contract by check but added that they were in breach of contract and that the payment is in duress.

I'm paying more now for much less. Lifetime is pretty clear. Obviously the lifetime doesn't refer to gym access by their own made up terms, so by elimination it must mean annual dues. I signed the online petition and will join in the future class action lawsuit. This is the last straw. I wanted to sue when they denied services based on falsely claiming that they upgraded gyms that they clearly had not – adding towels and a few signs is not a gym upgrade.

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