In 2006 or 2007 I paid $800 for a lifetime membership at 24 hour fitness. My understanding was that it would be for all of the clubs. I was even told they had clubs in Germany and Costa Rica (places I was thinking of visiting). The deal was: $800. Then $50 (or maybe $49) per year after 3 years… For life… Then, I don't remember when, but they started to make 24 Hour Fitness "super sport" locations and close down the regular ones and it appears they are not expanding the regular ones anywhere… And my lifetime all access membership now is not getting me in to the clubs! So I try to call about getting grandfathered in and so forth, but they say no, and what can I do but pay $20 a month…

So now I have paid around $2000 (several years of $20 per month at $240 per year) for what should have cost $1100. NOW I get the message that they want to raise my annual fee to $99. NO way. There is no way that is not completely breaking their contract. I have thought for years there should be a class action lawsuit and I would like that to happen if they don't decide to give us our fair share.

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