Like a lot of people, I paid $600 upfront and was told by doing so, I'd lock in my rate of $29 annually for life. I just got a bill saying my dues are being raised to $104/yr. Why is everyone being charged a different amount?! I think this is fraud. When you request an electronic copy of your agreement on the website, they send you one. But I'm pretty sure it has different wording as the paper copy you initially sign. I know this because it mentions Super Sports, which didn't exist at the time I originally signed. Also, my roommate was just added onto my contract two months ago, and it shows him on this contract. So I am pretty firm in my belief that this electronic copy has been modified from what I originally signed.

Additionally, I am furious at them because I lived in Honolulu, HI, for 2 years. I had to upgrade my membership at the cost of $29 per month just to use the two clubs that were in my area. They had changed the name of the clubs to Super Sport, yet they didn't even meet the requirements for a Sport level club! Waikiki had no sport courts of any kind. They did offer you a towel as you walked in, but no courts, no pool, no sauna, NOTHING. All just the same size and level of an Active club. And Kapiolani has a sport court and towel service, but no pool and no sauna. They do this to make people upgrade.

I can understand if they remodel the club and add services, but they didn't. I want a refund of those fees I paid to upgrade my membership unnecessarily, and I want them to honor my original agreement. I'm furious. I'm looking for my original paper version of the contract to find what language they have written on the back of it. I believe this company is dishonest and should be sued for fraud. I will gladly join any class action lawsuit against them.

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