November 14th 2015 1:20 P.M. I was at the 24 Hour Fitness Gym on Chapman Avenue in Garden Grove when a person who worked there an employee was showing two women around the gym. And as they came to the pool area I was leaving with my service dog who was confined inside of a stroller. She made a comment to the two women as I was in ear range that she had no idea why that kind of a person has a dog in here, it won't happen again. I was mortified and turned around and polite replied they are service dog and asked for her name. She gave me a disgruntled look and with an air of authority she coldly stated her name SHADOW as well as her position as assistant manager. I promptly replied with, "Thank you for making our time here special."

She made us feel uncomfortable and not welcomed as well as embarrassed for being disabled. She was lacking in professionalism. Her demeanor was degrading and her approach in trying to make a sale in membership clearly disregarded the current members needs. Her opinion talking about members and their issues should never be a point of consideration when giving tours or otherwise. I am ashamed such people have position in which they are not full qualified for or in which they lack mature diplomacy.

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