I had an appointment with design consultant and everything seemed to be good. I paid for expedited installation for that Saturday. No one showed up, didn't received a call from installer nor customer service. After several calls, installer made appointment and room darkening Roman Shades were installed. Not only did they not fold properly – but didn't fit properly. I – like others – paid way more than I was prepared to spend – but I figured they were custom – and everything would be done – my priority for ordering was to block out sun and ruining things on my counters.

Well, it did NOT accomplish this at all. Now, calling again, everyday, customer service explaining someone will be contacting me? Really? Installer came to re-measure (only after I threatened to cancel order). Now it is a week and a half later – no resolution. I've received a call stating they needed to go over measurements, etc.

I finally e-mailed them and requested they come and remove their shades and I want a full refund. I have NEVER dealt with a company like this, that there is absolutely NO customer service. No one seems to know what is going on. Their prices are high and I will not recommend them to anyone. I've dealt with Blinds to go, in the past, they were wonderful – but they are not in my area – where I reside. Shame on 3 Day Blinds – which is also False Advertising. Consumer does not get product in three days – installer does – at this point I think that should be named 30 Day Blinds.

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