I purchased the curtains from the sales person. The window treatment arrived within the time frame promised. The installer came out and the blinds are for two windows, side by side. The sizes/length/width are not the same. The material is limp and not at all full. This matter was discussed beforehand. I have no problem spending money on a project when the end product is superior. This is so bad I am almost in tears at the money that has been spent. The window treatments are on boards. The boards are uneven. There is not enough material to arrange them correctly.

I'm shocked. I've made my own in the past when I had the time, using lux fabrics and wanted to splurge a little on the kitchen. I waited to see the outcome before also making the living room curtain decision and so glad I did. If I had to give an honest estimate of what this 950.00 out-of-my-pocket should have really cost? No more than $50.00. The workmanship is that poor.

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