Stay away from this company! I ordered several different products from this company. Once I placed my order, they called me to confirm shipping address which I thought was weird. Once the package arrived I opened it and what they sent me and what I ordered from this company was different. They sent me a demo unit of a camera. Okay, fine. Not that big of a deal. I opened the package and realized that the XLR attachment was missing. So I began to look through to make sure I had everything else I had ordered. I opened up the batteries and put them on charge. I let them charge overnight and the next morning I took them off the charger and put them in the cameras. The batteries just didn't even work. So I checked the model number. The model number wasn't the same as the model number I had ordered.

After calling them I was assured they would work even though they clearly didn't. After I opened the cameras and realized they weren't exactly what I needed, I decided that I was going to return them. I called the company and told them I need to exchange my cameras and they said, "we can't exchange or refund demo units". So I went to their return policy and nowhere does it state that I couldn't return a demo unit. I finally got them to accept my return but then they wanted to charge me a restocking fee and to pay the shipping. With all of that, I was going to be paying $1200. And the company wouldn't send me the information to return anything unless I payed them the $1200 first. No company does that. Ever. I am extremely dissatisfied with this company and would not recommend them to anyone.

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