Before I begin be wary of any customer service line that's only available during the hours of 10am to 3pm (5 hrs) weekdays only. Also if you are being transferred to a "manager" and it last longer than 10min get ready for a doozy of an explanation. I purchased this item on a Monday 7:30am (1 week ago). Before I made the order, it stated that the item had more than 10 available and the location is the U.S.A. Granted it gave a shipping date as little as 3 days to approx 14 days to receive. When I was about make the purchase, I made sure to locate where the store is. Once I found out that it is in the east coast, I figured most likely even in ground shipping it won't take but a few days. So the 3 day window was a time I felt I would get it (boy was I wrong).

When the next day past, I looked in my eBay account and saw no action has been made. 24 hrs has past and still no update! I contacted customer service and this guy tells me that the product is unavailable in stock and they are waiting for more product later in the week. I explain to him that as we spoke, it is showing that the item is available on eBay. There is nothing stating that the item is backordered. I hung up and began to write them a later via eBay. Not two hours later, I received a notice that a label was made and item was shipped out.

I waited two days and it's still showing on UPS that no item has yet been dropped off to them to be shipped. I called the company again, was transferred to their "manager" which took about 10min on hold. Her response was classic. Apparently, the camera is in stock. However, the product they got is in Japanese language. How a company of that size can mess up an order and get Japanese language is beyond me. Nevertheless, why not let the customer know that something was screwed up. Which her response was, "Well you know that before you made the order, you had a 3 day to 14 day window" which I responded back saying "Well ma'am while you are correct, let's say for humor sake if the item "wasn't" in Japanese language when will my shipment be sent out?" She said, "Immediately." After that I hung up. It seems if the company messes up, we as a consumer suffers.

I've ordered from places in California using ground. It didn't take more than 3 days. Why a company that keeps stating they have warehouse all over the country, will ship an item and it will take probably 2 weeks is beyond me. Fyi: apparently if a company prints a label out, doesn't necessary mean they have to ship it out right away. I was told over the phone they can send it out anytime they feel like it. My first and last time I will ever use this company. Utter nonsense. Update: It's been already a week and no shipment has been sent out.

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