On Thursday, 10/30 between 9am-9:15 am, I went to 7-11 (located on n Fessenden in Portland, Oregon a block from Roosevelt High School) to purchase coffee like I normally do for the last year and a half. I work at the highschool a block away. I purchased fruit, cigarettes, a burrito, and a coffee. I was in a hurry, so I grabbed a handful of creamer to take with me. It was not excessive. When I went to pay for my goods, the cashier told me that I had to put the creamer in before I left, though I have noticed other white patrons who were able to leave with their creamer numerous times before. During our exchange, a customer came in who used to work for the company and told me it was a bogus policy, and that the cashier was discriminating against me. The cashier told me he was just an employee, and took my coffee from me.

I had never been so embarrassed or felt so discriminated against. I thought about it and called the store @4:30am today (11/7). The same cashier answered the phone. I told him that I needed to speak to a manager because I felt discriminated against, and to show me in their written policy where someone must put creamer in their coffee before they leave the store. He said that he didn't know anything about a policy and if I had questions to talk to the manager.

He gave me the name of the manager and what time he would be in, but refused to give me the manager's contact information because he remembered who I was and when I asked for cashier's name, he refused and hung up on me. This is the worst experience with a 7-11 franchise I have ever had. I also shared this incident with one of my staff when I got in the office.

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