I originally started out with 8×8 in 2010. VOIP was still new to most small businesses. I became a partner and tried to bring them business. Over the years VOIP is not a top service so referrals were low but I was a customer too. Now I am getting several requests for VOIP and I tried to refer several new prospects. 8×8 did not care, made me look bad to new prospects. My own phone quality highly depreciated where I had many complaints about calls not going through for new business. I had to forward my calls to an outsourced company.

In the end I terminated my services and was charged early cancellation fees and an extra month. Again they did not care I was with them since 2010 nor that I brought them business or that I can move a few clients to my new partnership with Intermedia. Management actually said, "Oh well. Pay or we send you to collections." Wow — is all I can say. If I did this to clients in my MSP industry I would go out of business. I'm so appalled I felt I should share my story.

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