My family had bought a house and the previous owner would feed the stray neighborhood cats. They were hanging around and causing a real problem with getting into the house and peeing when we weren't there. We decided to use 9Lives wet cat food to trap them so we could take them to the shelter. We bought a 4 pack of gravy and beef flavor and put it in a cage. The cats were basically starving and ran to the cage. We did manage to catch them but to our surprise the cats we caught refused to even touch this food. These are STARVING CATS, and they WOULDN'T TOUCH 9LIVES.

A few weeks later I used another can to give my cat his antibiotics. I thought the starving cats had belly aches and didn't feel like eating. I was wrong. My healthy and happy indoor cat who adores wet cat food wouldn't eat this food either. He just looked up at me with a look of disgust and disappointment. And get this, when I opened the last can, it was discolored and disgusting. The food was in date but it had started turning a very disturbing purple color. I threw out all the 9Lives I had in my house after seeing that cats are dying because of this product. 9lives, never again.

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