I'm satisfied with the gentleman that spoke to me from AA Auto Protection. I just hope that everything he's telling me is legit. I'm satisfied because I did go through with it and I think I made two payments so far. If they stick to what they're saying the claim I have are bumper-to-bumper. And I'll still find that out because right now the car's only three years old but somehow something happened, where it's leaking out of reason. I'm gonna take it to the dealer. Maybe they will do it without me paying and I won't have to use my car with AA. I'm not sure.

But, the gentleman was very nice and he's tried to reassure me. But of course, when I look in the computer and look for, AA Protection is not covered under the BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU and I called him and asked him. And he explained it to me. Everybody's trying to get my business, so, everybody’s calling and bad mouthing each other. I'm just gonna go ahead and just keep it for a while and see what happens.

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