I called AAA because I needed a battery jump. They came (they sent 2 men, really 2 men to jump a car?) with the sole intent of selling me a new battery. All Town Towing walked up with a new battery, no jumper cables, no charger… He came and said "you need a new battery". I insisted I didn't because my battery was only 3 years old, had recently been tested as "good" by Acura, the lights and radio in my car were working, so told him I just needed a jump, he got huffy and went to get his portable charger which he set up and it did not charge (I doubt he actually set it up to charge). And then he said again "you need a new battery". I was livid. I asked him to jump my car with jumper cables. He said he didn't bring any!

I just needed a jump. I was late for work and he knew it. He said "are you going to buy a new battery or not because your battery is dead". He did not test the battery, as I said he walked in with new battery in hand, no charger, no tester, no jumper cables. He repeated that I have no choice, either I buy a battery or my car stays there! I was in a bind and ended up buying the battery… He takes my credit card and takes a picture of it with his cell phone! REALLY? No way to swipe it I asked, he says no this is how they do it… How unsafe is that! I was furious. I asked him if I could keep my battery (because I planned to test it later on) and he said it would cost me $20 core charge… So I let it go having already spent $150 on the new battery that I knew I did not need.

My car is an Acura, I was just at Acura a few months ago and they did a battery check and battery checked good. It was only 3 years old. So later in day I called AAA and filed a formal complaint against these thieves. I spoke with supervisor Jeff who was very helpful and gave me some hope that I had recourse. He told me another agent would contact All Town Towing and they would straighten it all out. That is where it went downhill.

Don (the field AAA agent) called me and said he talked to All Town Towing and they insisted they tested my battery and it would not hold a charge. I argued about this lie, but Don chose to believe All Town Towing (who by the way has a C rating from BBB). All Town Towing conveniently did not have my battery. I wanted my battery back to test it, but Don said they got rid of it… Although no proof was offered. I said to Don that All Town Towing has every reason to lie but I do not have one reason to lie. Why would I waste my time and energy if I really needed a battery. If they tested it I would have agreed, but they did not test it, they did not even attempt to charge it with jumper cables. They clearly came with the intent to sell and they used intimidation and trickery.

Don 's solution was for me to go buy another battery and he would then reimburse me the AAA battery fee. So now it cost me extra time, as I had to take it to Acura for a new battery, which cost me $165 plus $18 core fee because AAA wanted their battery back! AAA will not refund me the core fee, so this one call to AAA cost me $183 for a battery I did not need. I don't understand how AAA could do business with a company that has a C rating on BBB. And what I really do not understand is how AAA does not back a long standing client. I and my family have been AAA members since 1999. AAA did not have my back and they cost me time and money. My AAA membership runs out in December and I will not renew (I would cancel except they charge a $10 cancellation fee!). My husband, my sons and their wives are also not renewing in December.

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