I never ordered or would consider ordering furniture online BUT this is the Exchange after all & their in store stock is limited. I ordered Ashley Furniture in 2012. The sofa & chairs had broken support boards when it arrived but who tears into their newly delivered furniture to inspect it: I paid someone to come look at it & repair it at AAFES direction & then they refused to reimburse me until I took it all the way up the chain. Then they told me to give it to CHARITY & they would credit the STAR CARD acct!!!

Fast forward & this is the problem with giving second chances… I ordered Ashley Furniture AGAIN, shipped through a different freight company. The items arrive. There is sawdust all up & down one side of the fabric. Not going through that rodeo again. I call to return it ~ They won't pick it up – I have to pay to freight it back! Oh & the items I bought & received on 11/2/15 went on sale on 11/7/15 ~ I asked for an acct adjustment for the sale & promo offer ~ they literally were going to make me either A) Pay the return freight & I'd have to re-order it or B) take it to my Exchange, return it & repurchase it to get the sale price & promotional APR!!! UNBELIEVABLE – Once bitten, twice shy… What was I thinking?!?

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