We called this Attorney Aaron Minc and his wife told us that they know Aaron Greenspan and quoted us quite a lot of money to have his vicious legal documents removed on us and told us these tales that they have to work hard and go to court. The truth is the public is being taken for a ride by a bunch of con artists and thieves. This is how we figured out this works. For about $4, 500 for each URL to be removed either Aaron Minc, or another insider corrupt Attorney, or some corrupt reputation company contact the people responsible for uploading these legal documents on the Internet and they wait a few weeks to make it look like its real hard and they have to do all this work. Truth is they do nothing but sit on their behinds and after waiting some weeks make a 5 minute phone call to the dirtbags that upload the public’s legal documents and then it get removed 1, 2, 3. You are made to believe that it took lots of hard work and that it was quite difficult but these individuals all work together to make a quick buck. This is organized crime at its best and the public is getting scammed over and over again.

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