I went into the area located off of AltiMesa and Sycamore School Road and I was very displeased with the results of the management. He was very rude and the lady that help me fill out with my form didn't have the information correctly when telling me what to fill out and the manager felt I had a problem just because I had questions about the application. I thought you suppose to be able to ask questions when it's something you're buying. I guess not at this store?! Well it's my first time at a rental place. How do I know what to expect?

This is sad and funny at the same time. To me it was very discomforting when walking in. I did not have a good visit at this location and I would like someone to contact me regarding this because I was very unhappy and it made me not want to ever going to another rent-to-own company ever again. It was my first and the experience I had will be my last visit. He has put me in another person that referred me to the company out because he thought I had an attitude which I feel like it doesn't matter if I have one or not. I wasn't like I had one toward him. I'm a customer and his whole demeanor was very unprofessional. For him to put us out and tell us we can go to another location was not cool and this is by my house. I would appreciate if someone could contact me in regards to my complaint. Thank you very much. I would appreciate if I hear something soon.

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