Jacksonville, NC On Nov 5th, 2015. I urge, really urge, anyone having problems with ABC Financial Services of Sherwood, AR to read what I am about to say. First of all, I urge anyone with a problem with this company to contact the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau in Iowa City, Iowa, at 855-411-2372 and start the process of filing a complaint against ABC Financial Services. There are many divisions within this Federal Agency to help you. Example is credit cards. Next, file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau of Arkansas. Telephone number is 501-664-7274, FAX 501-664-0024. Have the Better Business Bureau of Arkansas to email you a complaint form which you will have to fill out.

When you return that form, be sure to attach all the information you can! Now said that, my problem with ABC Financial is that they are demanding that my Physician send to them on letterhead letter, explaining my physical condition and a recovery status in detail. My physician, at my request, did send (FAX) a letter headed letter to ABC Financial Services, but it only contained minor information. The reason that this letter from my physician contain only minor information is for the following reasons. First of all ABC Financial Services is not a health provider! By their own admittance (see their web site), they are a leading software and billing provider for the fitness industry!

Thus ABC Financial Services are circumventing the Federal HIPAA Privacy Rules set forth to protect individual such as myself. One of the main privacy protection rules state and I quote "Individual identifiable health information, which relates to individuals past, present and future" end quote. What this really means that it is illegal for ABC Financial Services to ask or demand of a physician or the club member to explain a condition of his or her health without a HIPPA document signed by the patient or club member, and released that information to ABC Financial Services without the patient's approval! It's time to stand up folks to these suspected fraudulent schemes of ABC Financial Services.

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