I had placed 2 orders online. One was on a Friday and the second one was 3 days after on Monday. My Friday order was fine, I never received any type of confirmation for either one, but the Friday one arrived and when I went to check the Monday order to see if it was shipped, it said it was cancelled. I had 3 items in that order so I do not think all the items sold out as it was still on the website throughout the 2 weeks that I was trying not to reach them. I called twice and they kept saying they will email that specific department that I don't recall the name of – but they are the ones who cancelled my order. I never received a reply and so I did an online chat where the lady gives me that department's email, but my email got bounced back. It's been over 2 weeks and NOT ONE PERSON CAN HELP. Last time I ever order online!

I rather go into the store, but I might be deterred now… And the only reason which I find stupid that they would cancel my order is because I ordered the same coat in both orders, and one was going to be a gift! Each of my orders were different items and I only ordered 3 items total in each order and only the coat was the same. I don't think this resolution team exist because it's been so long since I called and they told me it only takes 2 days to respond and that was because I called on a Saturday, but that was 2 weeks ago!

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