I really hate Acer with a passion. I learnt computers in 2010 and bought an Acer laptop. I loved it. After 5 years of great use it tired, fair enough. It kept turning itself off. Had to "reconfigure".in June 2015 by coincidence work got me a new Acer and I got myself one. I was happy assuming each would be as good or better than the old one. I could not have been more wrong. The work one would turn itself off and reconfigure for hours. Meanwhile I had to do late hours. My boss took it back, still DID it.

Home one the same. I am taking it back and getting my money back, regardless of what the shop think. I will let those crews build watch and listen until the shop conceded they ripped me off and repay me. Only come on here, as it is only fair others know Acer ruined my life for months. I do not want other consumers suffering. Anyone know a decent reasonably priced alternative computer brand please?

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