Made the mistake of buying a Gateway all in one at Costco, thinking I'd either not need customer service or if I did, get Costco's allegedly great customer service instead of Gateway/Acer's known horrible service. Wrong. All Costco's "concierce" service does is transfer you to the manufacturer, so you still have to deal with Acer. Had a recurring Wifi problem which they twice temporarily fixed over the phone, but it kept coming back so they had me send it to their facility in Texas (and my expense, natch) so they could finally refurb it. They didn't refurb anything, and whatever they did do had no effect on the problem, so two months later I was without Wifi again. By this time they'd "fixed" the same problem three times, once in the shop, and I requested they replace it with another unit instead. They insisted that no, I should send it to them again so they could (pinky swear) really fix it this time. This time would be different because they'd have a level 2 guy who actually knows what he's doing, as opposed to the level 1 guy before who didn't? Two months after that, the same problem happened AGAIN, and they still won't replace the unit.insist it must be a software problem, notwithstanding 90% of the software on my computer is what came with the unit, and the other 10% runs without incident on my other three machines. Have to give it to Diane, though, she's got the voice down pat to sound as if she really, really is trying to help after all, even though her function is the opposite.

The best part: Costco won't even start their own warranty process until Acer admits they won't do anything under theirs. As long as Acer keeps toying with you and pretending they're trying, you get no help from nobody.

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