I've been trying to play bo3 for an hour. Have only played one game, but my console has frozen 3 times. I have started in lobbies only to be booted out with game session no longer available messages and countless times I've been booted saying lost connection to host. And then there's the server disconnected error message that I see endlessly. This game is a POS. Pay $50 don't get any campaign or dlc and then the game doesn't even function properly. This is garbage. I've been a faithful follower of the cod series for years and have given you tons of money between games and dlc. But after this game you will never receive another cent from me again unless you make this right and do it fast. That goes for me and most everyone I know that plays this series of games. You never should've released a game with this many issues. It's like you just didn't give a st about the game and just figured that everyone would buy the game regardless since the series is so popular. Unbelievably disappointed!

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