I am complaining because I was charged a fee for a service I do not want because Adobe deducted what they considered a recurring account.in November of 2014 I purchased the software to use it for a signature and it did not work successfully in my system. I was not contacted to let me know this was a recurring account or that a fee would be taken out of my account. This decision of Adobe caused my account to drop below its required amount as per my bank's requirement.

Adobe should have contacted me to give me the option of purchasing this product again. Then the company could have assessed its quality.in addition the company makes it impossible to make contact to complain via telephone and by use of its site. The site makes the process too time consuming as it is confusing which prompt to follow. The chat system is the worse because you are kept waiting for 3-4 minutes between each response or even longer. I am complaining about an experience with this company on 11/19/15. The end result is Adobe refused to refund my money opting to chance further subscriptions.

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