I stopped at your Latrobe location today to pick up a headlight for my car. The young man (Matt, maybe) was at the counter & gave me a smile & hello but looked upset. When I asked him for help he showed me where the bulb was and I asked him what was wrong. He was coughing & said he was very sick. I asked him why he didn't go home or go to the dr and he said he couldn't because he would get in trouble. I told him you don't know 'til you ask. He said he had asked his manager and was told no and that he wasn't even permitted to use the restroom until his manger took his break. What kind of person doesn't even let an employee use the restroom? I can understand that letting him leave might have been a struggle for the store, but not letting him use the restroom?! Personally, I don't think he should have been allowed to work sick and possible infect your other employees & customers, but the restroom thing has just really bothered me since I left there. I was so upset that I didn't make my purchase there, I left & went somewhere else. It is evident that this manager does not care about his team or his customers, and I could not support a business like this. I sincerely hope this is not how all of your locations are managed.

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