I wish I could give them ZERO stars: On October 21st my mother purchased a battery from Bill at the Carroll Island store in Maryland, ZIP code 21220. Let me rephrase, Bill sold my mother a practically dead (one working cell) battery. After purchasing this battery it was hit or miss on whether or not her car would start. She took it back to Bill numerous times and was told a plethora of excuses. It's the starter, it's a loose connection, it's the WEATHER (70 degrees mind you). So on Friday November 6, her car would not start at all. So she had it towed to her dealer where they tested it and found that she had been sold a useless, dead battery. My mother promptly called Bill and met him at his store where he quickly dismissed her saying "Sorry lady but you aren't getting anything back." He REFUSED to replace or refund my mother's money. He was extremely cocky, rude and arrogant and was acting like a despicable human being.

When I called to have a discussion with him because this is not right at all, he THREATENED me with calling the police and saying I was harassing him. This man knows he did wrong and took advantage of my (ill by the way) single mother. I've contacted corporate but am still waiting on a response before I take this to the newspapers and news stations. This man's behavior and total lack of customer service and compassion will NOT stand. I've posted this on many social media sites in my community and received an outpouring of responses from members of the community also saying they were mistreated by Bill. I cannot wait to hear from corporate on what the outcome will be. I'm sure they don't want to be known as a company who condones their managers taking advantage of ill single women.

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