I reserved a car at the Advantage at the Boston/Logan airport. I arrived in the middle of the night and went straight to the rental car area. I was told that there were no cars left even though I had a reservation. They also could not get me a vehicle from any other location or vendor. I was given a number to call on Monday, at this point it was 1AM on Saturday. I had to spend an additional 2 hours at the rental car area to get another car from a different vendor at a higher price.

When I contacted the number it was a general customer service number. I explained the issue and was told that they did see I had a reservation and would have the issue reviewed. I should be contacted in 48 hours. After a week I called back, was told that it was just now being reviewed and I will be contacted in 48 hours. After another week I called back, was told they don't know why it's taking so long and I will be escalated. After a month I called back, same song and dance. It's now month 3 and all I wanted was compensation for the extra expense. Listen to me… Never choose advantage!!!

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