Went to my travel agent in Hagerstown Maryland and rented a Chrysler 300 from Advantage. Arrived in Phoenix Arizona on the 24th and went to Advantage to pick up the rental. We were told that the car we had reserved wasn't available and we had to get a Chrysler 200 instead. There was no deduction in price. When picking up the car I cover the car with a fine toothed comb and listed every little scratch and dent. There was even a very small chip on the windshield. I gave the report to the attendant to leave their facility and she signed off on it.

Upon returning the car on the 24th of October there was a 17 car wait to check in because the attendant said he was understaffed. He looked at the car, said it was ok, and to leave the paperwork on the seat, and go ahead to get our plane that a receipt would be mailed to us. November 12th instead of a receipt I received a bill for $230.00 for a replaced windshield. I did not damage any windshield or do any damage to the vehicle. This is a case of flat out insurance fraud. This is a fraudulent company and should be shut down for trying to rip people off.

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