A&E out of Sussex County Delaware sent out a service man as they said they would. He showed up and asked for me to restrain my friendly dog. Understandable. I tied the dog up on a dog tie away from the man and his truck. He said that was not good enough. I assured him that the dog is friendly. He lives on a farm with people coming and going all the time because it is open to the public. He said I had to lock him up. I live in an RV Just where was I supposed to lock him up? He then said, "I am leaving". I said he is restrained and he proceeded to say, "You had your chance", then he left. Just a week prior a service man from the same company came out and he had no problems with the dog and did not ask for restraints and went about his business with a great attitude. Sad how a bad employee can screw up a company's reputation. I've never written a review before but this guy was so off the wall. I felt like I should.

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