Ordered undercabinet LED AQUC series lights 32" and 24" panels – shipped in 1 week. Got them. All great. Called office to confirm install instructions – talked to Brian (or Ryan) dont recall. Was good experience. Good guidance on how to link up the lights. Tried the panels – 32" was to be hardwired. The rest were to feed off it – was told all good, no problem to work it that way. Did electrical hook up (3 hrs into the project) – the downstream units not getting the power. Called back to the office. Talked again to Brian (or Ryan) dont recall – the story is 5% of units can be defective. Sorry for you. Bad luck of manufacturing, but nothing we can do…

Will give you a free ship back label, but nothing else. Maytag doesn't give me a 30% discount if the fridge is bad – was the analogy that I was told. I said, "but you offer 10% discount for a review" – so get ready for an honest review, "but before I do that may I talk to Tom, your lead guy?" "No, I am where the buck stops, good luck getting to Tom." So I posted the review on their website, but the reviews are approved by the AQLteam, so I don't expect it to be posted. So here I am posting my review to other websites – Lets see if this leads to a better result. This company absolutely is not customer focused. If only 5% of items are defective, make the 5% happy to say you solved their problem, not just wasted their time. How hard scheduled are these people?!

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