I am complaining because AFLAC agents are very misleading when selling these policies. They do not bother to tell people that you have to stay overnight for the hospital part to pay. They promise them that they get $1,000 for going to the hospital. My grandson had a finger almost cut off and had outpatient surgery with over $10,000 in bills and only received $100. This was 2 years ago thru a policy his mother had on him.

Since then he is working and was talked into taking a policy by the agent that visited his employer. Telling him it was a hospital and accident policy. They did not bother to tell them they had to stay 24 hours as inpatient to be paid anything.in June of this year, he had to have surgery for hernia repair (doctor said it was elective, but it was not elective because the doctor would not release him to work until it was repaired). It was more than likely caused by all the water and snow skiing that he does, but doctor could not confirm.

This was done again as an outpatient. I was told as long as he had a room charge they would pay. He had a room, operating room, and a recovery room charge (bill totaled over $10,000 again), and needless to say he received $100. I called them and they sent another $50. I have been hung up on by the agent not once, but twice. This is the rudest and most misleading company that I have ever dealt with and I think the public should know what is going on. I would like to go duck hunting and shoot the AFLAC duck.

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