I filed a claim for an accident in which my husband suffered on November 8,2015, and was admitted to the hospital for two days, through the emergency room (which is covered by my Aflac policy). Upon electronically filing the claim on November 13,2015, I also attached the documentation supporting all the information needed. Less than 24 hours later I received a decision from Aflac that this was not an accident.

On November 16,2015, I sent an email to my representative whom I purchased the policy from and who is also listed on the Aflac website as being my representative, requesting assistance in an appeal, etc. I have yet to hear anything back from my representative and find it extremely unprofessional that she has not responded in any form. Everyone that I have communicated with at Aflac regarding any situation I have had is aloof to any of information and will not help in any way. I have been extremely disappointed in the customer service and the fact that I have paid on this policy, never had any claim until now, and the company will not pay what I am entitled to.

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