I was traveling from Montreal to Toronto Island Airport on Sunday Nov. 15. After mechanical problems, my flight was cancelled. I spent 6 hours getting sent back and forth in Trudeau Airport from one gate to the next, as a standby passenger, only to be told at the end of the evening that I wouldn't be on the last flight out to Toronto because my name was not in fact on the standby list. I was reluctantly given a hotel room for the night, a booking for the next morning, and informed that my suitcase was in Toronto at Billy Bishop Island Airport.

On arrival at Billy Bishop, I was told that in fact my luggage was still in Montreal. Although the Baggage Agent told me it would be sent to Toronto on the next flight, it's now been more than 4 hours and 3 flights from Montreal to Toronto, and my suitcase still can't be located.in 4 trips to the Customer Service desk at Trudeau Airport, and 3 gate agents, there has not yet been an apology from Air Canada for the confusion or inconvenience. And of course, there is no luggage yet. I will be seeking compensation for the Montreal-Toronto flight because of the continual misinformation, compensation for my travel back to my hometown (since the friend who would have picked me up was not available the day after my original flight), and of course I may end up claiming for my lost suitcase if it doesn't show up. Stay tuned for the next update.

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