My significant other is in a nightmare of a situation, trying to locate an incredibly important and valuable piece of luggage lost by Air Canada. We have followed all proper protocol, and it has now been 8 days and there is still no trace of it. There are custom made pieces inside that would have been carried on if they weren't too heavy, and it is devastating to think that there is no record of where it might be. Air Canada customer service has been poor, with multiple calls made on our behalf and no attempt to maintain communication by them. With every call or visit to the airport, we have been met by stone cold representatives, with little care or compassion for the trouble the airline has caused.

With already 8 days spent without clothes and personal belongings, it's sad to feel like a long planned trip is wasting away. He has 4 more future flights booked with Air Canada that we are thinking about cancelling due to unreliability. I have been an Aeroplan member for about 20 years, and also have a credit card associate with Air Canada. I am certainly cancelling this and will never be flying with them again. I HIGHLY caution anyone considering flying with them in the future to rethink their choices.

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