Their customer service is terrible. We booked a trip to Cuba with them then found out our dog is dying of cancer 47 days before our departure date. We didn't want to risk being away if he is still with us so called to find out our options. I spent 4 hours on hold, was disconnected, connected to the wrong department and they refused to transfer me so had to call back again. I called the next day and put my number on the list to call back – that was a week ago now and still they have not returned my call. We also called with my husbands phone and waited on hold over over an hour. We requested to pay the re-book fee but requested a credit to reschedule as soon as we could confirm with our both our workplaces when we could book another time and we were far too stressed to plan a vacation before their 45 day cut off to lose 50%. I understand cancellations fees but they were rude and the service was terrible.

I emailed them the next day and received an auto-reply that my email would be reposed to within 48 hours. That was over 5 days ago now and still nothing. I understand the need for cancellation fees but their lack of service and stress with even trying to contact anyone or get a reply added a ton of stress to an already very stressful time. We ended up just cancelling and paying the $500 fee. After that experience we will not be booking any future vacations with Air Canada Vacations again! It is impossible to get a hold of anyone without waiting for hours, and they do not call or email back (at least not so far and its been a week which is terrible service).

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