There are a lot of good things written here about Air Canada. I always believed that the customer service provided by this very reputable company is one of the best. Unfortunately a rotten egg can spoil a pudding. Let me share with you my experience. My wife and me had a pilgrimage trip to Israel back in October. We are not a rich family and we always fly economy.

Prior to this trip I received very good bonus from the company I'm working for and we decided to spoil ourselves a little and fly with comfort in business class. Well, on the way back (flight number AC 085 on October 23rd) we got unexpected troubles. Someone spilled a lot of coffee on my wife's seat (5D). The seat was covered in coffee, wet, and extremely smelly. The crew member tried to clean it but it wasn't much of an improvement. The smell was nauseating. The crew member could not offer anything in exchange because there were no other seats in business class available. I switched the seats with my wife. Paying such price, we both have been waiting for a much better experience.instead, I got to sit on a stinky and coffee stained seat the entire way. So much for Air Canada business class.

This is not the end of the sad story. After we returned home, I had submitted a claim to the Air Canada customer relations department describing the situation. The reference number is. Guess what? In a few days I received an email signed by Catherine. It was just a standard reply, very likely saved in their computer system for any kind of claims. We've been offered an apology and a 15% discount on our next trip with Air Canada, good for one year only. What a joke! Why would we ever fly Air Canada again only to be subjected to this kind of service? I believe we deserve more serious attention from Air Canada.

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