My frustration has crossed limits and lost all levels of patience due to the pathetic service of Airtel. Shouldn't we expect bare minimum voice and data connectivity being your customer. Please see my grievance below and hope at least you would help solving my problem.

I own three connections which are connected to smart phones of all brands Samsung, Lenovo, Nokia, and Xolo.

Call drops, one way connectivity, No signal, is a regular phenomenon. I am fed up of holding handset up in the hand as radio collar antenna running on terrace, stretch one hand outside window with hands free to talk and at mid night spend time on road to take calls.

I have been waiting for solution since more than a year, twice technicians surveyed my house and in turn I here response as regret and requesting for co-operation due to technical incapability as Airtel cannot solve this issue in near time in future. By the way I stay at Banashankari III stage which is heart of Bangalore City and not in any remote place or mid of forest .

My simple question is, If one of you have to suffer from above issues and undergo escalation from customers for not reachable or not connecting to conference calls or all of a sudden get vanished during discussion. Would you sustain this?

Below are the complaint numbers with dates that I could track for your reference which are closed without resolution. Looking for a solution before thinking of porting to other service.

Note: Problem is not just at my residence it is across Bangalore. Need your intervention and attention.

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