I have ordered from you before and have always been pleased with your service. I ordered two pedestals from you for a Whirlpool Compact Washer and a Compact Dryer that I purchased directly from Whirlpool. The Whirlpool Service Center where I purchased them did not offer pedestals, as they are NOT a Whirlpool product. All I was told was that they were pedestal compatible, but would have to order them from a dealer.

So, having dealt with you before, I called you. I asked the salesperson at Madison for the pedestals that matched the Washer and Dryer. I was told: XHPW155DW. How else would I have known what to order? The washer and dryer are ready to be installed, but they are not the right pedestals. They are too big. The mistake was noticed immediately by our contractor. Only one of the pedestal boxes was opened. It was not installed nor used. The other box was never opened. The opened box is being closed with all of packaging materials, inserts and manuals, warranty cards (still blank) and all accessories.

Ordinarily I would just reorder from you, but I do not respect your return policy. I would not mind paying a reasonable restocking fee. But a 30% restocking fee is excessive! It certainly is not your actual cost for restocking it. I do not like being taken advantage of. That is very poor customer service. Therefore, I am returning the pedestals without reordering. And I will NOT be ordering from you in the future. However, I intend to follow up on this with your corporate management.

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