Ordered mutton breyani, dhal, salad and soji (paid in full) was asked to py in full when ordering which was done 5 days prior to my childs 40th day memorial service. No order was placed. At 4pm when no order arrived we attempted to call (all phones were not reachable. Eventually a neighbour of the agent in phoenix were we paid and ordered helped us get hold of Fathima in Chatsworth. The worst day for a grieving mother to have no food at a childs memorial function. Was told food will arrive at 6pm. After calls went back n forth food arrived 2 hours after the scheduled time of feeding. Rice was not cooked properly, there's was maybe aprox 2kg meat (bones) in food meant for 150 people. Soji was half cooked. It was a disaster. The food was so unapetising. The have ruined a day which was sacred to me. They have added to my stess of loosing my child. Don't ever order from them. Terrible, unrealiable, ripped off, service.

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