I wish I would've read these reviews before I rented. I rented at JFK airport with no issues. It wasn't until I returned the car at Philadelphia airport the bad experience starts. After I dropped my car off and boarded my plane, I realized I had left my tablet under the seat of the rental car. I have been calling for 2 DAYS (yes 2 DAYS) and no one answers the phone in that office. I left a voicemail, no response. I decided to press for reservation and told the lady what happened… She was trying to be helpful & called thru the intercom to speak to someone in that office & no one bothered answering her calls either, even after she said it was important. It's RIDICULOUS! I am sure after 2 days my tablet is gone! It's a joke how not 1 person in that office will take a customers call.

I have always rented from Enterprise and 1 other time when I left something behind, they had the whole office involved in helping me locate my item. Obviously, Alamo doesn't give a about anything once they have your $. I would hate to see what would happen if God forbid you ever broke down in their car. You would be on your own. DO YOURSELF A FAVOR, DONT RENT FROM ALAMO IF YOU DONT WANT TO BE STRESSED!!! They don't even deserve 1 star but I couldn't submit this review without stars.

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