It appears to be a common practice that both these companies as well as National Car Rental are part of a plot to deceive, fabricate, and extort by intimidation if you rent a car without taking on the additional insurance. Two instances in less than 8 weeks involving a 3 or 4 day car rental at JFK in New York resulted in a letter received claiming damage was done to their car while in my possession. No damage was done. The car was examined when it was picked up and then again when it was returned.

Apparently when the car is returned and if you didn't take additional insurance on it, when it's returned they automatically send your information to their Loss Recovery Unit which blatantly sends out a form letter that "damage was done" yada, yada… False, False, False. I have denied it on 2 separate occasions indicating the facts only to get "We'll pass on the information." This is an ongoing situation and so I am advising anyone who rents from Alamo, National, or Enterprise at JFK airport to take their camera, get a signature by agent indicating any small flaw you may see and do the same thing when you return the car indicating that No Damage is seen. Shame on them. I have referred the matter to the NYS Attorney General as well as their corporate offices.

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