Rented a full SUV requesting a 4WD in Colordao. I was driving form the Denver International Airport to Vail with 2 kids in the car and requested very specifically a 4WD FULL SUV. Was given a Chevy Tahoe 2WD (who knew they made 2WD's in a full size SUV). I picked the car up at 12 midnight too dark to see anything but did find a bottom that show an LED icon of a car sliding on the road and assumed that was the 4WD. I got caught in an ice/snow storm last night and was left trying to steering a 2 1/2 ton vehicle over Vail pass on solid ice. By the time I figured it out I had to drive 7 miles down an incredibly steep grade until an exit. OMG I almost died. NOT COOL!!! Bad enough trying to drive a 2WD in a small car. Crazy dangerous and they didn't care. They know they were sending me out with that car with my kids.

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