Greensburg pa. Store. The last 3times that I've been to this store I seem to always get this MEAN AND VERY NASTY cashier, she constantly throws my groceries as if she's having the worse day ever. The last time she did this to me I told her to STOP throwing my groceries around like that, she looked at me very rudely and said to me "oh I didn't think I could hurt your groceries. When I asked for her name she told me she didn't have a name. I then finished with her found another worker and asked them what her name was and the gentleman said her name is Kaitlyn sneak. I then thanked him and told her that I found out her name and that I was calling the corporate office on her, she said to me" haha they can't touch me. I just think you should know what your employee said to me and that she also lied to me about her name. I hope very much that this matter is taken care of immediately. Thanks
Very disappointed customer

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