Last Christmas holiday season I bought several containers of Aldi chicken broth in square cartons with pour spouts with plastic screw tops. I noticed that the spouts has been squashed down a bit, but bought them anyway. When I went to use them, the product has mold around the spout. I didn't use any of them and took them back as soon as possible after Christmas. I had my sales receipt and the cartons to show the problem. I was immediately given cash back totally for two times the product. I didn't have to just get another set of cartons of broth, which at that point I would not have needed, since Christmas was over. The cashier said to just buy anything I wanted, so I got a nice shopping bag that fits inside the grocery cart and even has a place for the quarter for the cart. I couldn't have been more pleased with my return. I was not happy with the product not being able to be used for my dressing for Christmas dinner. I think the design of the carton has changed to be totally squared off for safe stacking. This store was in Ft Worth Texas around Bedford area.

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