I knew a few past students of Allen School and they have been there years before, so I guess their experience was different, and so I should have done more research. But I already have a commitment with them, so I just went in and then did what I had to do. Myself and others, we did not like the fact that they act like we did not exist. It was all about their medical assistance. They could have been better. It was a lot for me to go from Brooklyn to Queens, because Brooklyn campus did not have a morning class. I think Allen School could work on having a morning class and the evening class 'cause not everyone can afford to go to school in the evening, or if you want to do morning, you couldn't travel all the way to Queens.

My learning experience was good because I had an excellent teacher. I can only speak about him, the one that I know, 'cause he was the only one that taught us and he was great. He made it okay for us 'cause we all had the same complaint about the school. But apart from that, my experience there at Allen School outside of my classroom wasn't nice. I would not recommend them to anyone I know that's gonna do a nursing assistance since I already made a mistake.

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