I bought two airlines tickets from American Airlines, 5 weeks before a scheduled release date of an 8-week old puppy, then bought what was advertised as "travelers insurance" from Allianz Global. A week before the flight, I was notified by the breeder that her 80-year-old husband was admitted to the hospital in critical condition and she needed the 4 new owners to pick up the puppies 5 days early as she could not properly care for them due to husband's deteriorating health. I cancelled my two airline tickets, drove the 790 miles and picked up the puppy 4 days early. I then applied for a refund of the non-deductible portion of the airline ticket ($412 – rather than the true cost of driving and hotels of $700). Alliance stated cancelling my claim due to a medical emergency of the people I was to visit was not a valid reason to pay the claim.

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