This 3rd party collection agency was hired to collect a debt for Fingerhut. They contacted my mother in law numerous times and left messages. After contacting them directly to set up payments and inquire why they would call my mother in law, I was advised that they will call anyone that I am associated with. I was also threatened, screamed at and hung up on. I called back asking for a supervisor who again screamed at me and advised me that she had blocked my number and to NEVER call again and to deal with the client directly. I have made payments on this account and I am still receiving the calls from them stating they have never received my payments.

My last call from them was today which the representative advised me again that the payments were not received and that it wasn't her problem. This call also ended in a threat. My hands are tied. I have made payments and still owe a balance and no one is willing to help. I need to state that I never once stated I would not pay. The calls continue to my mother in law and me. The $300.00 I have paid is lost in space.

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